As our collaborative works to solve the puzzle of poverty, we have developed two models, depending on the relative stability of the individual wanting to move out of poverty.  More information for each is provided below.


  1. Prosperity Coach Model: For individuals who are just recently out of Crisis and need frequent case management-type help but are interested and motivated to progress towards strong life and financial goals. 
  • Individuals are connected to an experienced Prosperity Coach through Central Navigation, Catholic Social Services or similar
  • Take part in ongoing classes on financial literacy and goal setting with other Bridging Forward participants (food and childcare provided)
  • Meet weekly with their coach for the first four months to build stabilization, access readiness resources and formalize career plans


  1. Circles Model: For individuals who are Stable or close to it, need some support progressing out of poverty and into financial and life wellbeing. Ready to commit to intensive, longer-term work in partnership with volunteer Allies.  
  • This is a cohort model where a ‘cohort’ of participants begin at the same time
  • Individuals participate in three months of weekly classes related to financial literacy, goal setting, etc. along with other BF participants
  • Paired with two volunteer Allies who learn about the individual’s situation and work cooperatively on plans and goals to progress out of poverty to prosperity
  • Participant (the “Circle Leader”) meets with the Allies weekly at a communal meeting to work on their plan while learning together.  Food and childcare provided.