“No matter how hard I work or how many jobs I have, I can never seem to break through.”

– Bridging Forward Participant

What to Expect

For Participants

You may be ready for Bridging Forward if you are:

  • Frustrated and overwhelmed about just “getting by” and want to learn about ways to get ahead.

  • Ready and willing to make changes to move out of poverty.
  • Seeking increased access to resources, including financial resources.

  • Underemployed, or you are able and willing to work and/or might benefit from job training.
  • Willing to help others by sharing your talents and gifts, experience and wisdom.
  • Not in crisis, not facing an active domestic abuse situation and not actively abusing alcohol or drugs (or have been in recovery for at least 6 months).

Two Models: Prosperity Coach and Circles Leader.  Which Fits Best For You?

The Prosperity Coach Model is best for individuals:

  • who are recently out of crisis
  • need one-on-one support to resolve ongoing issues.

Bridging Forward participants in this model work with a trained Prosperity Coach to understand everything needed to help build your stability.  Together you will develop a plan, using a special Pathway Binder, and track your progress and any work you are doing with other agencies or programs.  Find out more in the information below or contacting a Prosperity Coach at 402-461-8418.

The Circles Leader Model is best for individuals who are:

  • financially stable yet still within 185% of the federal poverty line
  • able to pay your usual bills yet you may be one or two challenges away from real crisis.

Bridging Forward participants in this model start with a three month session of weekly meetings with 10-20 other participants where we learn together and develop strong budgets, self-advocacy skills and career plans, afterwhich participants are matched with volunteer Allies who continue working alongside you to help overcome barriers and enter higher-wage employment.  90-minute Orientations are hosted regularly to learn more about this model and see if it is a good fit.  Contact 402-461-8417 to attend!

ALL Participants will:

  • Meet regularly – usually weekly

  • Set financial goals and make progress on their plan to earn more income.
  • Leverage available community resources to help them achieve their plan.
  • Build encouraging relationships with other participants and volunteers.
  • Use their knowledge and skills as problem solvers.
  • Share their strengths and give back to their community.
bridging forward mentoring meeting

To participate:

Call 402-461-8418 for more information and schedule a time to talk and complete an application.