Reducing Poverty Helps Everyone

Employers play a vital role in our program

“These are tough times for employers in finding and retaining talent…I am impressed with what Bridging Forward is doing: if you are living in poverty, you do not have the means of transportation to go and retain work. But what I like about Bridging Forward is that employment is Step 4, so by the time they get to us, a lot of those infrastructure issues have been addressed. This means that there is a higher probability that that employee will succeed in that position. When you high somebody, you hire the whole person and you have to be mindful that their total wellbeing is important to the success of their job.”

-Bruce Cutright, VP of HR at Mary Lanning Healthcare

What are some examples of what employers can do?

  • Provide support through the application process
  • Communicate clear benchmarks of the hiring process
  • Coordinate with Bridging Forward coaches
  • Adjusting workplace culture
  • Helping supervisors with their “Poverty I.Q.”
bridging forward participant doing online training