Central Navigation is the problem-solving, coordinated hub of the Community Impact Network and supports individuals & families when they need help. Central Navigation is:

  • Short-term, collective problem-solving support to get people out of a jam or challenging situation that could impact the wellbeing of the family
  • Sustainability-focused: assistance will be provided to individuals or families that have a future plan for stability
  • Some financial assistance, if there are children in the home, there is NO open CPS case, the requestor has not been helped in the last year and has reached out to other agencies.


Bridging Forward is the initiative used by the Community Impact Network (all of us) to reduce poverty 30% by 2030 in the four-county area.  Central Navigators often work as Prosperity Coaches in Bridging Forward.  Bridging Forward is your collaborative’s all-hands-on-deck approach to comprehensive poverty reduction that involves longer-term, individual wraparound support for people working to get out of poverty and long-term strategic responses to systemic issues like housing and transportation.  See more information at bridgingforward.org and read on for clarification about the individual support options.  Bridging Forward is:

  • Long-term (12-18 months), comprehensive effort to build readiness, placement and retention in higher-wage employment, including needed family supports to deal with systemic challenges that would otherwise continue a cycle of financial instability
  • Some assistance provided to support a long-term plan
  • Two different models to participate in, see next page
  • Referrals come from individuals, CIN agency members, faith community, DHHS